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Founded by Eric Rice, the former General Manager of Bulkregister, the #8 Registrar in the world. -- laugh, buy and sell

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"I'd rather have Eric then any Harvard MBA grad. He just gets stuff done." -Tom Nealon, CFO  ---- "Bulkregister was built into a cash machine by Eric and his team." -Tom Cunningham, former CEO Bulkregister


Case Studies,, and

Action Sports Social Networks and Ecommerce Sites

These powerhouse and high traffic domains were purchased and sourced through Domains For Media. We were looking for a team to develop when we discovered that Mike Mann and Washington VC had been interested in before we got it under contract. After a bit of research it became clear that WashingtonVC had financial, legal, SEO, social networking and development skills and resources to take to the next
level. Domains For Media had advertising sales professionals in place to complement the process and get advertisers in place quickly.

In a great coincidence the Domains For Media sales team had discovered that the owner of and was interested further developing those domains. In our first call with Danny Keith it became clear that the best route was to bring all these great domains under one roof. It reminded us of the Pets Unlimited domain portfolio of,, and others which has multi-million dollars per year in annual sales.

Within just a few days we had a deal in place between WashingtonVC, Domains For Media and Danny Keith (the owner of and to own and develop these amazing domains in one new entity. Danny is our new President and brings 20 years of experience in the action sports industry. Our company name is SportsBoards Online LLC.

While it took a few months to get the final documents in place the team felt comfortable enough with each other to start work immediately and launch and We hit our 3000th member only 4 months after the launch of the social network. The sales team has put over $12,000 per month of advertising in place in that same period. On December 20th, 2007 the deal officially closed and we are off to the races.

Stay tuned....

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